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Video Marketing In A World Of Smartphones

Video Marketing

Think about how much video has changed in the past 10-15 years. Did you know that more video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. Youtube alone has 1 billion+ users…that’s almost ⅓rd of the people across the entire internet! And 87% of online marketers use video. Video Marketing isn’t the future…

Video Marketing

3 Facts About Modern Video Content Production

The Audience Decides The Story

With a TV or a movie screen, the audience is a passive observer. They have no control over what gets shown to them (other than changing the channel or picking the movie) or the direction the story will take.

Now, they have likes, shares, and retweets. By engaging with video they like, and scrolling past stuff they don’t, your audience ultimately decides which story you tell.

This is why “traditional” video content (basically TV advertising uploaded on social media or Youtube) does so badly. They actually invented technology (DVR) just so you can skip ads on TV! What makes you think they’re going to give you more than 3 seconds of their time to watch the same thing on their phone?

How We Consume Video Has Radically Changed

Again, it’s all because of the smartphone. Remember being amazed at how big and wide screens could get? The more massive the better. Now, the vast majority of video is watched on screens a maximum of 6” diagonal.

Not only that. Think about how you hold your smartphone. How you scroll. How often do you turn your phone sideways to watch in widescreen? Not often, we’re guessing, unless you have to. It’s a conscious decision. You watch most of your videos with your phone held vertical.

Wide Shots Are No Longer The Best Way To Tell Stories

Because people watch video holding their phones upright, horizontal video takes up a lot less screen space. Think about it. Widescreen is 16:9. A phone held vertically is 9:16.

Not only that, the kind of storytelling that’s conveyed in a horizontal shot can’t be communicated vertically. Before, you had center, left, and right. Now, you have foreground, mid-ground, and background. You need to find a way to communicate in a way that matches the way people actually watch video.

Want Videos That’re Pretty? Or Videos That SELL?

Here’s how we do video at Ubrik. The function decides the form. Yes, we produce beautiful videos. But looks come second to effectiveness.

Remember, video is a means to an end. You’re not trying to be Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. You’re trying to use video to market your business and make more sales.

Our in-house videographer specializes in creating videos that help you reach your business goals. That means, getting you more visitors, leads, and customers.

So, when you want to hire someone to do videos for you, ask yourself this: “Do I want videos that are pretty or do I want videos that sell?

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