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Introducing: The Game Plan (4 week program)

UBRIK’s Proprietary Pilot Program

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy to scale your business for 2021.

Game Plan is a data-backed & well-researched marketing strategy that is designed to achieve the company’s goals and objectives for the year and beyond.

4 week buyer persona workshop

Week 1

Kick-Off and Business Deep-Dive

We kick-off the Personalized Game Plan with a 2-hour meeting to understand your company’s products/services, business objectives, ideal buyers and top competitors

Week 2

Buyer Persona Workshop

This a fun-filled & super-interactive 3 hour workshop with your sales, marketing, customer service, and product specialists.

At the workshop, we will dig deep to uncover your ideal buyer personas.

We try to understand who they are and why they buy from you. We also get a little personal by defining their ambitions, desires, fears, and pains. 

By the end of the workshop, we would finalize 2-4 buyer personas based on rigorous discussions and debates during the session.

buyer persona workshop
buyer persona board

Half a day of team brainstorming and this is how the Buyer Persona Workshop boards look like. This is years of experience finally captured and documented

Week 3

Digital Audit, Market Research, and Strategy Development

Based on findings from the Business Deep-Dive & Buyer Persona Workshop, we’ll audit your digital presence and conduct thorough research into the market, competitors, and customers.


Using our findings, we’ll create a customized GAME PLAN (a data-backed & well-researched digital marketing strategy) that would contain a content Strategy, SEO strategy, and paid advertisement strategy.


Often, this also includes other significant strategies like conversational marketing (chatbots), inbound videos and content ideas that we come across during our research.


Week 4

Strategy Unveil & Execution Plan

In this meeting, we finally discuss the GAME PLANthe data-backed & well-researched marketing strategy that is designed to achieve the company’s goals and objectives for the coming year.


It starts with discussing and agreeing on OKRs and the derived KPIs – Think of this as a mountain summit we aim to conquer.   

Once signed off, this is printed on a T-shirt or hung on the wall 🙂 

All our actions will be aligned to achieve this.


This is followed up with a comprehensive Marketing Strategy across multiple digital channels. 


This covers the Company Website, SEO, content, Lead Magnet, Lead Conversion Path and Ads across Search & Social.    

execution plan

This will also incorporate a 90-day Execution Plan combining quick-win tactics for immediate results along with foundational elements for long term wins.