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Welcome to the UBRIK Show Season 2

Over Reliance on Paid Media by the Education Industry

Paid media is the most preferred marketing strategy for the higher education sector.
But can your over-reliance on it go wrong? Listen to what Monash and Sheyaf have to say.

Why education? To begin with, COVID and digitization have reshaped the sector unlike what we all reckoned.

Something Important
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EP4 - Digital Transformation in the Education Industry

Digitalization in education is maximizing student experiences and modernizing learning environments.

But are you aware that digital forces can streamline the enrollment processes at universities too?
Yes, you read that right!

EP3 - Current Trends and Challenges in Higher Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unexpected disruptions to the higher education realm across countries, including UAE.

Besides, competitive forces have also impacted student recruitment results for universities.

EP2 - Sales and Marketing Synergy in Higher Education

With multiple channels and outlets in place, lead generation is no longer an impossible goal for universities to achieve.

Instead, the lack of collaboration between marketing and sales teams can put a damper on lead to enrollment conversions.

Meet the Hosts

Monash Unny

He has worked with 100+ business over the past 10 years, driving 10s of millions of dollars worth of leads and growing their revenues by Digitally Transforming their Sales & Marketing functions.

He believes that every Business has its own challenges and are different, but a Proven Methodical Process always works.

Sheyaf Hashim

Dubai born and raised, his career spans almost a decade in verticals like aviation, banking, non-profit, creative, design, and marketing. He’s been a co-founder of 4 startups, 3 of which failed.

Being an entrepreneur, he has learned what works and what doesn’t for businesses in Dubai. Now, he mentors other entrepreneurs and helps startups and small businesses grow. He’s currently a managing partner here at Ubrik Media.