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Honestly, we're pretty sure Monash and Sheyaf just wanted to talk. However, there's a lot in it for our fellow marketers too. Tune-in to the UBRIK Show. The place where our best talk about the industry, technology and the present. Also, maybe just a little bit of mindset.

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Every Week

EP11 - Growth Driven

If you watched our last episode… “Who’s in charge of your website…”
We may have inspired you to think… “Okay, we need to redesign and relaunch our website!”
Slow down…
Before you go sending out an RFP for a full website revamp…
You need to watch this episode of the Ubrik Show.

EP10 - Website: Marketing or IT Asset?

When we talk to clients about their website… There’s usually someone from IT sitting across from us.
And if we need to make marketing-related updates to their website…
We have to jump through hoops to get what we need.
This is made even more difficult due to the fact that… IT people, in general, don’t know much about digital marketing.
So, on this episode of the Ubrik Show… We thought we’ll settle the matter once and for all… And turn your website into a revenue-generating machine.

EP9 - Shooting in the dark with a water pistol

How did you promote your business in Q4 2019?How do you promote it today?

Many businesses – ourselves included – realized   “How we used to do things doesn’t work anymore. We have to make changes.”

And so we’ve all added new marketing initiatives – like the Ubrik Show, for example…To adapt to the business environment we’re in today.

And that’s a beautiful thing. But there’s a catch. Have you ever heard the phrase:

Shooting in the dark with a water pistol

EP8 - Know your Competition

We don’t have any competition!

If you are a business owner and if you say or believe this, you might as well sell your business, take all or any money you got left, invest half of it, and with the rest go for a vacation to some exotic island. at least you will save yourself lot of stress and overheads.

Because we are pretty sure you are already losing a lot of money and your business is suffering, just because you feel you don’t have competition.

In this episode, Sheyaf and Monash Unny discuss why it’s important to “Know your competition”

EP7 - The Real Pain

Is your marketing team having a hard time giving qualified leads to your sales team? Sales team not able to close new customers?

What do you think is the problem? Well, there could be many..

But in today’s episode, Sheyaf & Monash talk about the real pain. Solve this and you will see your marketing and sales performing better and your numbers going up!

EP6 - Scale What Grows

Been trying multiple initiatives to grow your business lately? Ever wondered whats that one or two specific initiatives that are bringing in all the results?

Is it social media, Google Ads, or SEO? Or like many traditional businesses here in the UAE, is it none of the above?

In this episode, Sheyaf and Monash talk about how to find out what’s working and how to scale it.

EP5 - The Popcorn

We landed two major clients in July. The interesting thing about these two closings is that these were discussions that we started last year.

So in today’s episode of the UBRIK show Monash and Sheyaf discuss the importance of being consistent and patient, and they even manage to compare this with making popcorn. (I know, our analogies are awesome)

EP4 - The Chicken and
The Egg

So we’ve all heard the age-old question. What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?

Well, today’s episode is not about that.

But imagine if Chicken = Marketing & Egg = Sales.  What do you think should come first? In this episode, Sheyaf & Monash tells what should come first and how to go about it.

EP3 - To The Dubai Doubtful

Dubai is finished, The golden years are over. You might have read or heard people saying this.

But the truth is just the opposite. In this episode, Sheyaf and Monash tell you why Dubai will be back, even stronger, and better.

EP2 - The Great

When life gives you lemons.. What do you make ?

In this episode, Sheyaf & Monash discuss how businesses worldwide are pivoting and what a pivot could mean for your business.

Meet the Hosts

Monash Unny

He has worked with 100+ business over the past 10 years, driving 10s of millions of dollars worth of leads and growing their revenues by Digitally Transforming their Sales & Marketing functions.

He believes that every Business has its own challenges and are different, but a Proven Methodical Process always works.

Sheyaf Hashim

Dubai born and raised, his career spans almost a decade in verticals like aviation, banking, non-profit, creative, design, and marketing. He’s been a co-founder of 4 startups, 3 of which failed.

Being an entrepreneur, he has learned what works and what doesn’t for businesses in Dubai. Now, he mentors other entrepreneurs and helps startups and small businesses grow. He’s currently a managing partner here at Ubrik Media.