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How To Get Your Emails Opened, Read And Clicked

Email Marketing

It may come as a surprise to you, but despite the advances in digital marketing technology over the years, email is not dead. In fact, did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you’ll get $38 back?

No other marketing channel in existence today can claim that kind of ROI. All you need to get those kinds of results, is a proven system you can use to nurture email subscribers until they’re red-hot and ready to buy.

Email Marketing

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Email

Email Is Not Invasive Communication

Your perfect buyers LOVE receiving emails from you.

Emails Don’t Need Fancy Templates

Fancy email templates hurt your open rates and click-through rates (CTRs.)​

Emails Don’t Need To Be Short

There’s no such thing as an email that’s too long (only too boring.)

Emailing A Lot Is Not A Turn-Off

You can email your list every single day without seeing a drop in opens and CTRs.

Email Is For Closers

email marketing agency marketing automation dubai u.a.e.

Email Is For Closers

email marketing agency marketing automation dubai u.a.e.

The key is to start with qualified prospects. You know what they say: garbage in, garbage out. At Ubrik, our email nurturing process starts with getting the right kind of reader to subscribe to your email list. That means, you need a way to filter out the wrong kind.

Enter lead magnets, also known as content downloads, opt-in carrots, or ethical bribes. The lead magnets you use to convince readers to give you their email address will be decided by your buyer persona (again, it all goes back to having the right digital marketing strategy.)

You’ll also have multiple lead magnets to correspond to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Once they’re on your list, you move them down your funnel, nurturing them until they’re ready to buy.

This is where your marketing automation comes in (which you can do with a platform like Hubspot.) Using segmentation and workflows, you can show different content to subscribers and score them based on how well they engage with your content. You’re moving them through the stages of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. 

Once they’re at the bottom of your funnel, you tag them as “Marketing Qualified Lead” and pass them on to your sales team. And all of this happens automatically.

When set up correctly, this conversion engine will continually feed your sales team highly-qualified leads so they can spend their time SELLING to people who are ready to buy.

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Email Templates for Marketing and Sales

These templates have been crafted after careful consideration of the types of emails marketers and salespeople are likely to send on a repeat basis, and can help eliminate that time. They are helpful to keep handy when sending out the same type of email week in and week out.