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Are Businesses Wasting Time & Money On Social Media?

Social Media

Short answer: Many businesses are.

Long answer: We see so many businesses here in Dubai doing social media marketing the wrong way. They’re just on it to be on it. And that’s a big problem. They don’t have a strategy, they aren’t measuring results properly, and they don’t know if the effort they’re putting is helping or hurting their business objectives.


Social Media

Social Media Marketing Starts With…

You guessed it….STRATEGY!

Are you starting to see a recurring theme of how Ubrik helps our clients? It starts and ends with your digital marketing strategy. What’s that…you don’t have one? No social media for you!

Only AFTER you research and document a content strategy that helps you nail your business goals…can you start creating and publishing content.

How To Pick Your Channels

If you’re thinking about which social media platforms you want to be on, good. That means you already know you don’t need to be on every single one, and that some social media platforms aren’t in line with your business goals. A B2B industrial company on Snapchat just doesn’t look right.

Here’s what you need to consider:

Who’s my audience?

Where do they hang out?

How can I get their attention?

How To Create Content

Before you start publishing, think about why you’re on social media in the first place. You want to:

Know your audience

Engage your audience

Convert your audience​

Follow the 80-20 Rule…

…But don’t be afraid to SELL. If your social media marketing isn’t bringing you a steady stream of visitors, leads, and customers, you’re doing it wrong. And no, your business is not too boring or “un-sexy” to be on social media.


How To Engage Your Fans And Haters

The 80-20 rule applies here too. Much of your social media activity should involve engaging with your audience. Doesn’t matter if they’re fans or critics. Since you can’t spend all day scrolling through timelines, this is where social media monitoring comes in.

With social media marketing, engagement rules above all. No social media marketing agency will tell you otherwise. You know what they say about it being much cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one? Well, it’s much easier to keep someone’s attention than get them to start paying attention. And it doesn’t take much to turn a critic into a customer and a customer into a brand evangelist. All you have to do is give a damn.

When To Post And How Often

You’ll find a lot of articles online about social media posting frequency and timings. In our experience, it’s something you need to figure out by trial and error. Thankfully, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin give you easy-to-understand analytics on how your posts are performing.

The good thing is, once you figure out the best times and how often to post to your social media accounts, you can automate the process. That way, you can spend most of your “active” social media time engaging with your audience.

To Boost, Or Not To Boost?

That is the question. And the answer is: ALL THE TIME. When it comes to social media marketing, never rely only on organic reach. A single algorithm change can destroy months of work building organic reach. Just look at what happened to public pages on Facebook.

Ideally, you need a budget set aside for boosting your content. When you’re just starting out, it can be as low as $1 day. All social media platforms make it easy for you to set up ad accounts and launch basic “boost” campaigns.

Key point: Don’t rely 100% on paid reach other. You want a mix of both organic and paid so your brand has a natural engagement profile. Otherwise your social media accounts look “off” to your audience.

Social Media That Grows Your Business

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