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7 Steps To Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing Secret

Over 2 million blog posts are published on the internet every single day. How does your business cut through the noise? How do you create content to attract your “Perfect Buyers” on autopilot? Here’s a tip from our years of experience in a hub like Dubai:

Content Marketing Secret

1. Start With The Buyer Persona

If you don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy, creating content is a waste of time. And your strategy has to start with your buyer persona. Who is your perfect buyer? How well do you know him? Once you figure that out, you need to identify his #1 pain point. Keep in mind, if you have more than one buyer persona you will repeat this process for all.

2. Brainstorm Possible Topics

Once you identify your perfect buyer’s #1 pain, you list possible topics you can write about to solve it. You’re several steps away from writing. For now, you’re still doing research.

3. Do Your Keyword Research

Using keyword research tools, you look for long-tail keywords with strong SEO potential. That means, they will have a high search volume in Google, low difficulty (there isn’t a lot of competition,) and high opportunity (the 1st page of Google search doesn’t have a lot of ad, image, and video results.) These are the topics you’ll write about.

4. Come Up With Topic Categories

Once you’ve identified your keywords, you group them into categories. Categories are reader-facing. That is, when your website visitors come to your blog, they’ll immediately understand what you’re about. It’ll also help with your SEO, because a well organized website is easier for Google’s search spider to crawl.

5. Organize Content Into Topic Clusters

Once you start writing and publishing posts, you want to organize related topics into clusters. Topic clusters are just a way for your to organize content internally. A cluster consists of a hub (the post with the highest SEO potential) and spokes (related sub-topics.) The hub and spokes are connected to each other with internal links between the posts. Now, when Google crawls these posts, they’ll recognize the topics are related. And, if one of them does well in the search results, the entire cluster will get a boost.

6. Write Pillar Content To Build Your Authority

These are long-form content pieces that cover a topic in as much depth as possible. Here you’re not necessarily looking to cover topics that have high SEO potential, but ones that are related to your products and services. Typically, you’ll only start writing these in year 2 of your content marketing journey.

7. A Note About ROI

Don’t expect a return on your content marketing investment for the first year. Yes, one full year. We’re dead serious. It takes time for your content to rank on the first page of Google. Your #1 objective when you start content marketing is to follow the process we’ve laid out above, and create blog posts that have the best chance of ranking. While you’re doing that, you also convert readers into leads (by offering them downloadable content) and nurture them with email automation until they’re ready to buy.

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