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Their Digital Marketing Strategy = Throwing Spaghetti Against The Wall...

Digital Marketing Strategy

To see what sticks. Sure, they might get lucky with a winning campaign here and there. But it’s not the norm. And the fact remains, they spend most of their time and energy cleaning up a mess of pasta and sauce. It’s not just at the campaign level, either. It’s everywhere in their digital marketing.

Their business survives almost entirely on referrals and repeat clients. Their growth has hit a ceiling and they can’t break through. If they don’t figure out a way to bring in fresh opportunities, they’ll lose market share to their competitors. Maybe even go out of business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve hired in-house marketers who looked perfect on paper...

They impressed you by throwing around terms like, “conversion rate optimization,” and “holistic marketing strategy.” After a few months, maybe even a year, you realized it was all just talk.

You’ve hired a web-development agency to build you a SEO-optimized website...

…and ended up paying 50,000 dirhams for a $25 wordpress plugin. (This is a true story. We died a little inside when the prospect told us.)

You’ve contracted out to marketing agencies...

Dazzled by gorgeous presentations with lots of graphs (because, “data”) and a slick pitch, your 100k on the retainer and ads. Then you get a report talking about, “CPM,” “CPC,” and “share of voice.” There’s just one problem. You didn’t get a single new customer.

Fed-up with shady marketers taking advantage of you...

…you decide you’re gonna do it yourself. You read blogs, buy books, maybe even buy an online course or 5. But the sheer volume of information is just overwhelming and you don’t know where to even begin.

Daytona Fire

Stop Throwing Spaghetti. Start Throwing Darts.

Would You Like To...

Gain a deep understanding of your perfect buyer?

Who they are, their likes and dislikes, what they read, watch, and listen to, and, most of all, the emotions they feel about the problem your product/service solves...so that you finally know what gets them to buy.

Eliminate jargon and talk about your business, product or service in the exact language your perfect customer uses?

They see themselves and hear their thoughts in your marketing...so that when the time comes to buy, you're the only legit choice in their mind.

Get hundreds of perfect buyers to your website organically by dominating ultra-specific, long-tail keywords?

Your competitors will be paying through the nose for advertising while you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Never again have to guess or make assumptions about your perfect buyer when you want to market to them?

Every campaign will be planned and executed based on data.

Never again run out of ideas for content for blog posts, social media, emails, web copy, lead magnets, landing pages, or sales pages?

Your editorial calendar will be booked solid for 6 to 12 months in advance

And much, much more!

Imagine A World Where...

You're finally communicating with your audience in a way that makes sense to them

You're not going on and on about how awesome you are. Instead, you're talking about what you can do for them.

Every message you publish online, every piece of content, is 100% jargon free and so simple even a 5-year old can understand it

No more corporate speak about "market synergies" and "leveraging strategic opportunities."

No more "me too" blog posts on topics covered 2,763,986 times

You're attracting 1,000s of visitors a month organically by writing about specific topics only your perfect buyers are looking for...content that gets shared and linked to.

Your Social Media is on FIRE

You're building relationships by talking to YOUR PEOPLE. And they're talking to you, with you, and about you.

Your email list keeps growing and GROWING

10 new leads a day...50 leads...100 leads... Your audience can't get enough of the free resources you're putting out and you get emails every day telling you how much you've helped them.

Conversions are UP and the money's coming IN!

It's consistent and it's growing - and the best part is, you now know every new lead you bring in adds X dollars to your bottom line.

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