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Conversion Copywriting: As Important as Thumbs

Conversion Copywriting

Seriously. Imagine how hard life would be without thumbs! That’s how important good copy is to your business. Can you get by without it? Yes, you can. If you’re showing the right offer to the right audience, anyone can make sales (you’d be surprised at just how many get that wrong as well.)

But GOOD COPY is the difference between $20 leads and $200 leads. The difference between a 3% conversion and a 0.1% conversion. And over the life of your business, BAD COPY can mean millions of dollars in lost sales.

Conversion Copywriting

3 Tips For Copy That SELLS


Your Copy Should Follow The Rule Of One

One Reader

You should write as if you’re having a conversation with one reader (your perfect buyer.)

One Big Idea

“Save money” or “save time,” not “save time and money.”

One Promise

Prove your Big Idea with the promise of something specific. the more data you have to back it up, the more powerful the promise is.

One Action

Ask your reader to take one, and only one, action.

Your Copy Should Match Your Reader’s Stage of Awareness

Completely Unaware

Your reader does not know anything, except maybe his own identity or opinion.

Problem Aware

Your reader knows he has a problem, but doesn’t know there’s a solution.

Solution Aware

Your reader knows what solution he wants, but doesn’t know your product can give it to him.

Product Aware

Your reader knows what you sell, but isn’t sure it’s right solution for him.

Most Aware

Your reader knows your product is the right solution for him, and only needs to know your offer.

(Yes, we know that’s 4 fingers)

Your Copy Should Match Your Reader’s Level of Sophistication

“Who are you?”

when you’re first to market, all you have to do is tell your reader what you do in plain English.

“What do you do better than them?”

Once you have competitors in your market, you need to tell the reader what you do better than them.

“How do you do what you say you do?”

Now, your reader is getting tired of you and your competitor’s big claims. Instead of shouting louder, you need to tell him about the features of your product in a fresh way.

“I heard they don’t do X.”

Your competition won’t sit still while you take their market share. When they do, you tell your reader everything that’s wrong about their product, what they’re lacking, the negatives of buying from them instead of you, and so on.

“I just love your brand!”

Eventually, your readers will be so sophisticated they’re immune to your claims. They’ve heard it all before. Now is when you sell to their emotions and tell your readers how they’re part of an exclusive club for buying from you. You must become iconic.


Conversions Or Bust!

Whenever we write copy, conversion is our priority. And the best part is, it’s all included in our service packages.

P.S. If you’ve gotten this far, I’ve got one more tip for you. This page is written using conversion copywriting, with a 150-year old formula called AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. And if you’re wondering what the action is, look below. 😉

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