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Hyundai Motors UAE

From ZERO to investing 80% of their budget in Digital

Hyundai Motors’ UAE digital presence was lagging behind its competitors. This had a negative effect on their their brand awareness and recall. People just didn’t know about Hyundai or its offers and they asked Ubrik Media to help them fix that. 

Since they were starting from zero, we had to start small, find audiences and offers that worked, and scale up from there.

Campaign Results
  • 4+ years non-stop campaigns
  • Budget allocation shifted to 80% digital
  • 20% uplift in brand awareness and recall
  • 6% conversion rate on landing pages
  • And much more

How We Did It

After running a few test campaigns, we had enough data to build an ideal buyer persona. This buyer persona pointed us in the right direction for all future campaigns.

Continuous experimentation involved blending the right messaging, user experience, and campaign tactics to generate a steady flow of leads.

To make sure our campaigns were converting, we created individual micro-sites for the different offers Hyundai UAE was running at the time. The first step of any campaign was to create these lead generation-focused landing pages.

The ad formats we used offered multiple incentives for sign-ups. We also divided campaigns into Prospecting – to go out and find audiences interested in Hyundai – and Retargeting – to nurture those audiences and get them to convert.

Using data on audience behavior, we delivered customized messaging to the different targeted audiences. We also worked closely with Hyundai’s social media team to cross-promote offers organically. Live streams on Facebook were especially effective.

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