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Being one of the early brands to harness the potential of content marketing via social media, team Ubrik was quick to gain the trust of CUD to eventually shift major portions of their offline budgets to online campaigns where measurability was a key factor. Besides this team Ubrik grew into being a partner that would align with the internal teams and education consultants to draft the overall promotion tactics.


CUD has two prime intakes in a year: The Fall Intake which ends around September, and the Spring Intake which ends around January. Ubrik was to ensure that all past learnings were taken into consideration to run campaigns, keeping a balance between quantity and quality lead generation. Besides this, team Ubrik’s campaigns contained a wealth of saved audience frameworks, to ensure steady boost of prospect traffic during the season. As a by-product of this, the campaigns had generated ample brand recall and subsequent calls / sign-ups via a an all-time pool of cookie data to run retargeting and list-based campaigns to past visitors and leads alike.


Despite earlier campaigns that went alongside a static generic messaging which was similar to what other universities were running, both CUD & Ubrik desired to run this intake much earlier than usual, and via a strategy that addressed to audience’s in a most precise way possible. Besides this, CUD had to ensure precision targeting, keeping less room of irrelevant leads, and audience overlap. Ubrik was also entrusted to launch within a short time frame, and simultaneously create custom messaging / assets for each sub campaign.

Our Process

As both CUD and Ubrik had brainstormed into the various audience subsets, and the trends that are taking place online, the fall 2019 intake was split into 5 campaign groups:

  • Transfer to Canada / Transfer Student Campaign – Focusing to attract prospects with an intent to study overseas and optionally secure permanent residency within these countries.
  • GEMS Scholarship Campaign – Focusing to attract parents of students whose children would be graduating from high school or having their results come out.
  • Farsi Campaign – Hyper targeting the affluent Farsi speaking local community to attract their youth into joining CUD.
  • Generic + Early Bird Campaign – Focusing all general audiences with higher education intent
  • Psychology Course Campaign – Focusing on a newly launched exclusive course



 impressions served with an reach of 83K visitors


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conversion rate depending on programs and offerings

Ever since Ubrik got us on the performance marketing bandwagon, we've never stopped our campaigns.

Osaid Azeem, Canadian University In Dubai
Osaid Azeem

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