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Attract The Kind Of Leads You Really Want

Generating relevant leads is always a better option when compared to mining them from an ocean of prospects. Such potentials seldom haggle over price points & need less hand-holding because they understand the value you deliver.

Imagine if you were able to consistently fill your pipeline with these warm/hot prospects? Your sales team would be much happier. Your management would be overwhelmed. That’s guaranteed recognition for growth.

It’s not simple, but it is possible — if you take the right approach, beginning with creating content that address points that matter.

From our experience, most companies in the UAE are a bit overconfident. As the market becomes more challenging, it’s  time you stepped out of the comfort zone, & got help to know who your present-day buyer personas are!

Aishwarya Bakshi

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After this workshop, you & your team will be able to

Understand how 'buyer personas' fit into your marketing strategy
Ensure that your messaging & position is targeted to match the exact needs of leads that would be potential buyers
Understand how & why your website content, blog posts & social media messages must align with what your buyer persona's intent
Align your marketing with your company's strategies and value proposition

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Workshop Details

The one-day workshop will be held in a location of your choice. Generally, timings for the workshop is as follows:

Details on the agenda will be shared upon receiving your interest in the workshop.

Additionally, this can be combined with a Hubspot Intensive Training Day for a 2-Day workshop.

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