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Have You Heard About Our Buyer Persona Workshops?

It is a fun-filled & super-interactive 3 hour workshop with your sales, marketing, customer service, and product specialists.

At the workshop, we dig deep and uncover your ideal buyer personas. We try to understand who they are and why they buy from you. We also get a little personal by defining their ambitions, desires, fears, and pains.

A buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. 

What do we Do?

We conduct a comprehensive workshop with your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service teams as well as your product specialists in order to get a full understanding of what makes your best customers tick.

buyer persona workshop

So basically, we just sit down with your team, and have a long chat filled with rigorous discussions and debates about your customer. It is critical to develop detailed personas for your business. Through the session, we aim to:

  • Understand the needs and demands of your target audience i.e. buyer personas.
  • Construct a journey i.e. a buyer’s journey to attract, engage and delight customers.

Okay Great! But Does it Help?

Well duh! We wouldn’t have a page dedicated to our workshops if it didn’t, now would we?

The half a day you and your team spends with us isn’t for nothing. We come up with a buyer persona board that details your ideal customer. It helps you internalize the ideal customer you’re trying to attract and close, and relate to your customers as real humans.

By the end of the workshop, we finalize 2-4 buyer personas based on the discussions during the session.

buyer persona board

This is years of experience finally captured and documented!

This Ain't Our First Rodeo

This is not our first time doing this, or our second. It’s a tried and tested formula that worked for others and will work for more to come. Check out some of our previous workshops.

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We were happy with the Buyer Persona workshop because the process easily collects information and we can share our experiences. It catered the process from top to bottom.

Taleih Halaby, Marketing Manager
Daikin MEA

Try it Yourself!

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