She’s Got 99 Problems But PR Ain’t One | @Briar_Prestidge

If you live in the UAE and you spend any time on Instagram at all, Briar Prestidge has shown up in your feed at some point.

Briar Prestidge is the CEO and Founder of Prestidge Group PR, a PR, personal branding and
production agency managing high profile personal brands for HNWI, C-level executives, technology
experts, celebrities and investors in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New York and London. Working with government and private sectors, Prestidge Group elevates corporate profiles and builds one’s value
as a speaker, media spokesperson and thought leader.

What impressed me most is that she walks the talk. All marketers should, this is a given. But some of us tend to neglect our own marketing because we’re so busy serving our clients.

I sat down with Briar to discover what’s new in PR, and to find out whether or not traditional PR is dead.

Her answer may surprise you.

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Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:38] Briar’s favorite superhero.
  • [01:22] A zig-zag journey from a farm in New Zealand to Manhattan, to London, to Dubai.
  • [01:50] How Briar fell into digital marketing by accident.
  • [05:51] The seismic shift in PR – how it was done back then and how it’s done today.
  • [06:15] Is it still important to have a relationship with the Press and traditional media?
  • [08:55] Credibility + Distribution = PR Success
  • [10:12] If a business wants to hire a PR firm in 2019, what should they look for?
  • [14:12] How can you measure ROI, the effectiveness of your PR efforrts?
  • [16:30] At what stage of business should you include PR in your marketing mix? And what do you do if you can’t afford a PR agency?
  • [17:20] Here’s why building your brand is super easy in Dubai. You can even do it for free!
  • [17:50] What’s the true value of hiring a PR strategist for your business?
  • [19:40] How university students can prepare for a career in PR (what you’re taught at uni isn’t enough.)
  • [21:20] Briar’s TOP 3 branding and PR tips for CEOs and business owners in the UAE.

Resources Mentioned During The Episode