Meet Your #1 Salesman | @DropkickCopy

Imagine a salesman who doesn’t need to sleep, doesn’t need to eat, and will work for you 24-7-365. This isn’t a mythical creature, mind you. And it’s entirely possible for you to employ this salesman. Want to know how?

I’m joined by Nabeel Azeez, direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. He co-owns a boutique content marketing agency, Dropkick Copy, with his brother. And he’s the author of a soon-to-be-published book on personal branding called, Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding. (Links are at the bottom of this post.)

Nabeel and I haven’t known each other that long. My business partner – co-owner of Ubrik, Sheyaf Hashim – and him go way back. Here are a few interesting facts about Nabeel. He’s been consulting full-time for just 2 years. And he’s completely self-taught! Guess what he was doing before that?

Procurement at a shipping company!

The crazy thing is he doesn’t just know how to write copy, even though that’s his specialty. He has a working understanding of every branch of digital marketing! And he learned it all himself. I know several career marketers who’ve been doing this full-time for much longer than Nabeel but are nowhere near his level.

Enjoy the show!



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Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:35] How to become a copywriter by complete accident
  • [02:20] The totally boring and selfish reason why Nabeel decided to write his first book, Dragon Energy: The Tao Of Personal Branding
  • [03:30] Why Nabeel and Monash chose to call this episode “Meet Your #1 Salesman”
  • [04:45] Role-reversal! The copywriter interviews the CEO. What are Monash’s core drivers as a business owner?
  • [05:40] How much time do business owners, marketers, and salesmen spend educating prospects on the value of their products and services?
  • [06:55] The #1 purpose of a website
  • [08:20] Do all businesses need a website? Nabeel’s answer may surprise you!
  • [09:15] The truth about how “branding” happens in the current year and the hidden problem of being completely reliant on social media
  • [10:20] How Facebook “Thanos Snapped” a $100,000 investment overnight
  • [12:20] Nabeel’s “Convenience vs. Control” formula for life and business
  • [13:30] Businesses that break these 3 rules will suffer in the long-run
  • [14:20] When “social selling” can work for you
  • [15:30] 4 conversion-killing user experience mistakes businesses make when launching or redesigning their website
  • [18:42] The truth about “award winning” marketing agencies
  • [23:20] The 5-step, customer-first approach Nabeel used when he redesigned and re-wrote the copy on the Ubrik website
  • [24:20] Why the copywriter should always be the boss in any marketing campaign
  • [26:05] Don’t try to be Apple if you aren’t Apple – important advice on messaging for businesses
  • [28:30] Monash summarizes Nabeel’s tips on optimizing your website for conversions