B2B Marketers: Your Ideal Customers Are Here (And You Aren’t)

You’re spending time and money every year on trade shows, business cards, cold calls, sales visits, outdoor media, print, and TV/radio ads. Maybe you’re a Linkedin power user. But are you missing out on the most lucrative marketing channel for B2B?

Facebook is bigger than ever with 1.86 billion global daily active users on average as of December 2016. In the GCC, the UAE and Qatar lead have 82% and 94% of their population active on Facebook, even though KSA have the largest total number.


 Source: https://www.internetworldstats.com/stats5.htm


With such a huge percentage of the population using Facebook daily, you can bet your ideal customer is there too. So, how can you target them? And with what kind of messaging?

In this blog post we will show you how you, as a B2B marketer, can and should include Facebook in your marketing mix.

Now, you might be thinking Facebook is only for cat videos and consumer products, not B2B. You are wrong. Keep reading.

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Is B2B MarketIng really all that different from B2C today?

“At the beginning of the buyer journey, you have to get a buyer’s attention. You have to give them a reason to move out of the status quo, and you can’t do that without providing some sort of value early on.” – Kim Curry

“One of the differences is the people you’re marketing to are experts. In consumer marketing, you rarely market to experts.” – Eric Wittlake, Sr. Director of Media Babcock & Jenkins

“Too often, marketers get hung up on the idea that B2B content and B2C content require wholly different approaches, and they don’t. Whether you’re selling blue jeans, cheese, enterprise-grade software or wind turbines, the ultimate goal is for the reader to first feel an emotion, and then be motivated to act.” – Jon MIller, Former Co-founder Marketo

The fundamentals of B2B and B2C marketing are exactly the same. Defining your target market, mapping your buyer journey, etc. Where they differ is in the type of messaging used and how the purchase decision is made.

It’s obvious that you don’t buy laundry detergent like you buy a sales automation platform. The former is an impulse (or habit) buy. The latter is a considered buying process and can involve more than one stakeholder.



Source – https://postcron.com/en/blog/b2b-marketing-and-b2c-marketing/


So, whats binds B2B and B2C marketing is the effective use of content. And with Facebook’s crazy usage levels and robust advertising platform, it is, hands down, the best content distribution channel out there.

Here’s the #1 thing you must keep in mind when marketing on Facebook (or anywhere, really). Be human.


1. Give your brand a human feel

“People do business with People they know, like and trust” – Bob Burg

Let strangers, prospects, and even your customers know how the magic happens. There are various ways this can be done.


2. Use Facebook as a content distribution channel

After you have created content like the examples shown above, you can effectively use Facebook to reach your target customers. As B2B marketers we know exactly who we want to do business with, so unlike B2C we don’t have to cast a wide net.

Using Facebook advertising you are able to reach out to them.

Go to the Facebook Ads Manager interface and create a campaign.

goto Facebook Ads Manager


Choose your objective

Choose your objective


Define who you want to see your ads. In the targeting criteria choose your regular targeting options like location, age, sex and language.


regular targeting options


Then go for the Detailed Targeting options (Demographics > Work > Employers)




(Note: This only works for large companies)



Another way you can target, if you’re going after a small to medium sized company, is to target by location. For example, if you want to show ads to businesses like Ubrik Media, you’d serve ads in the vicinity of Dubai Media City.




(Note: this method of targeting is not precise, but you can refine your targeting using other criteria)

Another way you can target is by industry and job title. For example, if we want to target marketers in education:



The possibilities are almost endless.


4. Re-targeting your website visitors on Facebook

Bringing a potential customer to the website is hard and expensive, I get that. So when a potential customer comes in and leaves your website without leaving their details or finishing the desirable action… that’s not good.

So, building Custom Audiences from your website using a Facebook pixel is a powerful way to reach potential customers and those who’ve shown interest in your business.


Facebook custom audience

Source: http://www.wordstream.com/images/unconventional-facebook-ad-strategies-custom-audiences.png


Segment your website visitors into custom audience based on their behavior on your website, like the pages they have view or forms they have filled.



Now using the Facebook Ad Manager to reach out to your custom Audiences with the right message and call-to-action.


3) CRM Targeting

You want to retain, grow and delight your existing customers and turn them into promoters. This is where Ads with Facebook CRM data have better engagement.



Source: http://cdn.emailvendorselection.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/facebook-custom-audience-targeting.jpg


5) Building and Reaching Lookalike Audiences

As a B2B marketer your can use Facebook to create Lookalike Audience, who share similar characteristics as the people you already do business with and are interested in your product or services.


Source – http://www.clickable.com/4-little-known-facts-about-lookalike-targeting-your-agency-should-know/


This is a powerful way to reach your ideal prospects, including people who have not connected with your company/product on Facebook but have similar characteristics to those who are connected and active.

Using the Facebook Ads Manager you can build a Lookalike Audience and tap into a a much larger audience segment from the your smaller audience group.





 Source – https://stitcherads.com/facebook-lookalike-audiences-acquiring-new-customers/


Conclusion: an effective B2B marketer should advertise on facebook. Period.

Thanks for reading! I hope you find to be a useful and would take your B2B marketing to the next level.

It can be very daunting to get started with Facebook advertising because it looks complex. However, it’s worth investing your time and money on the platform because it gives you unprecedented access to your target customers.

In an upcoming post, we’ll be looking at interesting ways to use the Facebook re-marketing pixel to get your business more leads and customers.

Do you have any questions about Facebook advertising? Leave a comment below and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability.


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