How UAE Students Choose Their University In 2019

Intake benchmarks are always higher than last year’s, and you keep missing out on them. The last paid lead generation initiative drained your budget with less or low-quality leads. Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your digital marketing priorities for universities. It wasn’t your fault to begin with, but that’s no reason to keep doing the same thing over and over again.


Team UBRIK presents a research-backed study showcasing how students (and parents) in the UAE are choosing the right university.


Queries covered in our infographic:

  • Prospect research insights
  • The role of online, print and outdoor advertising in building awareness/influence
  • Audience search behavior & trends
  • Effectiveness of existing strategies


Who is this for?

Obviously, not just for higher education marketers. Decision makers, content creators, web design & development folks must take note and modify their efforts based on findings that are relevant to the target persona.


How students choose university infographic 

If you liked the above, here’s an interesting read about what UAE university students think about employment after graduation.


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