How Inbound Methodology is leveraged to scale Atlas Copco


Atlas Copco was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Atlas Copco Group is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers in more than 180 countries with products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Atlas Copco in the Middle East handles the sales, service and marketing of air compressors, industrial gas generators, expanders, air dryers and filters, compressor parts & service and vacuum pumps; and more.


UBRIK conducted an On-boarding session with Atlas Copco. This session was crucial to ensure UBRIK aggregated the right set of business objectives, core competitors, current marketing and sales process, and product overview.

Atlas Copco’s primary businesses objective was and is to grow its business revenue, digitally

Historically, Atlas Copco  acquired leads via events, tradeshows, referrals among others. By partnering with UBRIK, Atlas Copco is looking to digitally transform their marketing capabilities.


UBRIK conducted a Buyer Persona Workshop for Atlas Copco with stakeholders who are in direct communication with customers and identified four crucial buyer personas:

  • Curious Tom – Procurement

  • Informative Mahan – Engineering

  • Optimize Benson – Maintenance

  • Prestige Musk – GM

When UBRIK had an understanding of the challenges and goals for the customers of Atlas Copco, UBRIK built an elaborate Competitive Analysis across the plethora of marketing:

  • Understanding the competitors’ past, present and future strategies.
  • Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors in the market.
  • Informed foundations to develop strategies to achieve competitive advantage.

UBRIK derived a personalized, informed Marketing Strategy on the core principles of OKRs:

  1. Lead Generation – Beat the lead generation game with a primary focus on high intent leads.
  2. Brand Recall – Successfully establish, implement and
    improve brand recall.
  3. Organic Traffic – Maximize opportunities to increase 
    organic search traffic.
  4. Conversion Optimization – Research, create hypothesis, test, analyze and improve conversions on the website.

A 90-day Action Plan cycle was derived from the Marketing Strategy and UBRIK kick-started execution for Atlas Copco across:

  • Google Search Ads UBRIK mapped Atlas Copco’s Customer Journey, kick-started Google Search Ads targeting MoFu/ BoFu keywords with low volumes and high conversion, build conversion-friendly landing pages with consideration and decision making content.
  • GDN – Retarget visitors who have previously interacted with Atlas Copco, visitors who have converted and not converted as a lead, funnel based targeting.
  • LinkedIn Ads – UBRIK built personalized funnels for each of the buyer personas, and engaging with them to communicate the story, thus improving the brand recall. 
  • Blogs – UBRIK built SEO optimized blogs – with the pillar and cluster model, thereby attracting audiences across their buyer’s journey i.e. from strangers to prospects to leads to customers to promoters. This helped in identifying target audience across their stages in their decision to purchase, and sales to have a long-term relationship with the client, helping them make Atlas Copco their choice.
  • Email Marketing – Atlas Copco send newsletters on a month-on-month basis to their subscriber base, but the engagement was not significant to make an impact. UBRIK built conversational prospecting and nurturing emails, a workflow, targeting multiple segments of users across their subscriber base. 
  • CRO – Atlas Copco’s online traffic is highly consistent. But, the website was unable to get visitors to enter the conversion funnel in the first go which was nothing but an opportunity lost for business. UBRIK uses in-depth data to analyze results, run multiple tests, tweak the website’s core components and functionality to make it more relevant to the visitors and draw necessary conclusions.
  • Reporting and Attribution – UBRIK built dashboards for data collection,  defined goals and metrics for the plethora of marketing efforts, track KPIs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and constructed  scorecards for regular updates on performance by leveraging Databox. 


UBRIK set the very first month of core optimizations. Our primary focus was to improve and enhance the campaigns, scale campaigns that were performing well and optimize those that required improvements. As a result, for the first quarter, Atlas Copco met their business objectives across the spectrum.

Although UBRIK started with a fairly broad goal, we were able to introduce new concepts to increase lead generation and improve association with Atlas Copco. Not only did we achieve this from our Inbound Strategy, but we were also able to capitalize on this through all channels.

Traffic for SEO through blogs and improvements as part of CRO on the website is at early stages of delivering results, starting to deliver impressions and clicks on Google Search.

In Google Ads, since UBRIK started running the Google campaigns, we

  • Increased the number of quality leads by 50% 
  • Maintained an average cost per click of $2.5 in a highly competitive industry.
  • The effectiveness of the leads is at 60%, a high conversion rate in the industry.
  • The number of visitors to their website is increasing by 30% mom, providing avenues to convert new prospects.


Increase In Leads


Leads To Closures Rate


Increase In Web Traffic


Average Cost Per Click


Atlas Copco’s first step towards Digital Transformation with a single product line has proven fruit, which has led to further initiatives from their side which encompasses:

  • Target Service Line – Post the success of lead generation for the products, Atlas Copco is expanding the same for their Service line for higher LTV.
  • Conversational Marketing – With an increase in incoming traffic, our proposal to kick-start a conversational chatbot via Drift is in progress.
  • Customer Behavior – A very important next step is to build a behavioural pattern of prospects who turn into customers understand their engagement across multiple channels like Social Media, Advertisements, Website Content, Sales Calls among others. This will help UBRIK to target the right prospects at the right time with the right messaging.

With success in the UAE, Atlas Copco is also looking to increase the Digital capabilities across the Middle East region.