What UAE University Students Think About Getting A Job After Graduation [Infographic]

In case you’re aged 17-21, below is where majority of you all are at. As for the rest of us grown up folks, we’ve either ‘been there but forgotten it’, or been fortunate to take learnings from our academic life and steer them towards opportunities. Of course, the later is a few but that’s where we ought to be.


So what’s this ‘University Student Survey’ all about?

For years, marketers and analysts have been delving into the interests of their target audience, but how far have we been able to enter minds, connect on an emotional level and get productive? Paid Ads have limitations, right?

The below survey was conducted between 2017-2018 across partner universities (who we do our digital ‘thang’ for) during their in-house career fair event. It’s fun to see how every one is so serious around then, and so are their responses when posed for questions.

We’ve simply covered 5 questions in the below infographic:

  • What do you want to do in the first 6 months after your graduation?
  • What do you primarily seek in your first job?
  • How would you begin searching for a new job?
  • Mention a realistic salary expectation for your first job.
  • What do you think is essential to secure a job?




Who is this infographic for?

Apart from being beneficial to the universities themselves, business owners and recruiters must put their hearts and minds into this so they are better prepared to hire, handle and nurture young talent. Not to mention parents… You’ve been gushing in those books into your children’s brains since 4!


Without further ado, presenting the UAE university student’s perspectives around employment:

Survey: UAE university student's perspectives around employment


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