Back To The Fundamentals: What Makes Your Marketing Successful?

In this video let’s laser focus our energy on the fundamentals that really matter when growing your business. We want to see a stable, secure, and scalable business using marketing. This is the ideal role of marketing for a business. Let’s dive deep and find out more.



Hi, this is Monash Unny from Ubrik Media, where we help businesses grow using content, media, and marketing automation.

In this day and age, where digital has taken so much importance in marketing there are too many things people focus on. There are different kinds of rates…from the bounce rates on your website, to click-through rates when you do a search ad, to engagement rates when you do Facebook ads, or even view rates when you do YouTube.

If you think about it, what has really happened?

Each of these platforms have invented terms to justify why a brand should spend time or money on these platforms. What is lost on the way, are the fundamentals.

We keep seeing this over and over again when we talk to brands and business owners. A lot of effort is happening, a lot of focus on vanity terms…but the real thing that grows the business is not there.

In this video we’re going to break that down.

You need to focus on all those things, all those matrices, but what is the core? These are the fundamentals of marketing.


1. Marketing starts by understanding the needs and wants of your customer

It does not start by putting a website together, putting a marketing plan, or even printing a brochure.

You need to deep-dive and find out what are the desires, fears and fantasies of your customer. How can you explain the problem in the words they actually use to describe the problem?

This is the fundamental of marketing. It’s been there for years, even more than a century.

This is where we have seen many of digital marketeers, including us for a couple of years, we didn’t focus on this. We focused on bringing traffic to the website, but what kind of traffic?

It starts by understanding your customer.

We have put an exercise together, which you can find linked to the show notes, probably somewhere below, where you can download and do this exercise.

So, this will be the first thing that you should do. There are different terms that people have coined for it, people call it buyer persona, customer avatar, things like this.

This is fundamental number one.


2. The customer hates to be sold to…but loves to buy

It’s interesting, yeah?

This has become more and more relevant in these days when, before buying a product or a service, there is an active research process the customer goes through.

Your marketing should match that.

He will be looking to solve his problem, his pain, his concerns.

Your marketing should allow him to take action, yes. That’s the most important thing, action. Your marketing should allow him to take action to contact you, to be a part of your communication so that you can engage with him and eventually he can choose you.


3. Successful marketing is about creating perceived value

Customers would love to do a transaction with you if they know and think that it’s worth more than they’re actually paying for. For example, you or I would actually go and buy a product from a shelf for say, $10, if we clearly know that it’s worth more than that.

In terms of, it need not be a monetary value, how it’s going to solve the problem I’m trying to solve.

It’s exactly the fundamental principle of how people purchase a car, a service that you’re going to provide, or even toothpaste. This is the fundamental a lot of marketeers have to imbibe.

Your marketing should elevate your brand, your communication, in such a way that it’s connecting well. You should help the customer connect those dots and give them confirmation that your product or service is really solving the problem and thus, take action.


4. Marketing is about creating a sequence or a process

It’s not something that you do once.

Customers probably would need more than 7 touch points before they get in touch with you, and even purchase from you.

How do we automate this process? How do we make sure that this is done over and over again successfully in marketing?

The more you interact with your customer the more you understand them.

All these things are different facets, which makes your marketing successful. Which means, as a successful marketeer we have to put the processes in place, which can be repeated, and rinsed, and learned over again.


5. Marketing is not something you do once – It’s a continuous process

We have actually touched upon this in the last point but I want to really stress on this.

We need to find out what’s working for us and do more of that. We need to find out what’s not working for us and do less of that.

This is how successful marketing is done.



I’ll summarize what we covered again:

  • Marketing starts by understanding the needs and wants of your customer
  • The customer hates to be sold to…but loves to buy
  • Successful marketing is about creating perceived value
  • Marketing is about creating a sequence or a process
  • Marketing is not something you do once – It’s a continuous process

Thank you for reading/watching and I hope you enjoyed the content.

Do you have any thoughts or comments about marketing fundamentals you’d like to add? If so, leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.


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